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AK Allen Company/Allenair (AKA)


ZDNET.TV Web Portal (ZDNET)  ***Awarded OCNET most promising startup/who to look out for in IT***


CodeWriters Network (CWN)


MSDN Collection (MSDN - C)


Programmers Heaven (PGMH) (GNKU)


Tommorow magazine (Tommorow)


PGH Assembler Zone ***Article(s) & Tutorial(s) Written by OC***


OpenSource  Organization (OpenSource)


ByteSoft Software (ByteSoft)


Open Systems InterConnect backgrammers (OSI-C)


SandNet IRC Network (OCNET Sandnet link/IRCD is

              -do NOT confuse with the OCNET IRC Server (which is occasionally active)

              -The OCNET IRCD/Server Can be reached by using the OCNET Main DNS

                (not the WWW/Domain DNS, but the OCNET Network/HUB DNS...which

                is the same one that points to the OCNET/OCTP FTP Daemon and Primary

                Network. The OCNET NETWORK DNS's are the following: 

       or (defunct

                 ***More info and help can be found on the NETWORK & FAQ page***




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