85 to 90% of all OCNET & OCTP Related Matters are handled by Christopher (OC).

The Reasons for this are detailed in the Company Profile and Mission.

This entire website was designed, encoded, compiled and heuristic architecture developed by Christopher. ALL OCTP Projects are exclusively (and most ARE entirely) supervised or actually grass-roots programmed by OC/Christopher D. Boyd alongside the OCTP Staged Engineering teams. Additional Workload will be balanced with the OCTP staff... However usually the system works by the Development idea/brainstorm method, with a great portion of OCNET/OCTP's software direction being pioneered by Mr. Boyd.  On Some occasions designating out a specific task, and how to do it (possibly down to the exact lines of code that should be written) And the gifted OCTP staff will handle some of the workload while OC either works on another portion... Or is guffed up in developing an entirely new routine, function, class, event, instance, algorithm, or Module/Lib. This is why OCTP is arguably one of the most intimate Software Developing companies in existence. Good or Bad? You decide. Let the quality of the Software speak for itself.


4096 bit HDEC Encryption Secure


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