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Welcome to the WWW Page of OCTP. OCTP is a subdivision of its parent company and Release Publisher OCNET. Also Known Frequently as OCNET Networks. Herein you should find information regarding the latest endeavors of OCTP as well as OCNET... Information on the latest releases, projects, members of the team, and News regarding the companies growth and development. Since both OCNET and OCTP are very small companies still in their infancy... it allows myself, the president and lead Programmer to be very intimate with the production of all my media and relations involving my company. Even in the future which I believe will bring large growth to OCTP, OCNET and ALL our affiliates, members, and users... I affirm that I will commit all my available time to this company, this software, and the satisfaction and gratification of the users of both.

-Christopher David Boyd

(president - Lead Programmer & Engineer)


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