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Developing notes & News from the code den:




The main focus of development for OCTP

is GRDB. It is this software that we here

are most proud of. This piece of software

has come so far since it's infancy as a simple

database extrusion and record keeping

application, it is now way beyond par with APPS

such as Apache OLE/SQLDB ran NT databases

and Closer to the highest level encrypted

digital Unix dedicated algorithm binding machines.

To Learn More about the development of GRDB...

Where it's going, To get SPECS and details

about it's features as well as the API's that power it

Visit the OCNET Downloads page and download the

GRDB Readme as well as the OCNET December Memo.


*NOTE* To obtain a copy of any OCNET Software which is not freeware (see "Software" section) or publicly available, you must first download a copy of the software (either from the Public FTP -OR- the website, upon which you will need a password to extract the archives or *.iso disk images to access the installation files. To obtain your key/password you must email -OR- upon which you will receive your key/password after payment is received. (accept Paypal, Skrill, W.U.)





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