A: OCNET is the PARENT company of OCTP. OCTP Releases under the OCNET Blanket


A: 17 Years, His First Language was CLI Basic in the 16bit Shell


A: We will, as you can see many of the site services are already set up for OCNET-Networks.NET, We are finishing the services in their entirety first before we publish the daemon(s) to the Network Shell. After everything is in its rightful place. This WWW presence always will be hosted at OCNET-Networks.NET, still FROM this URL.


A: The Certifications will be active for the entire length of time that primary version is still in revising. For example, if certs are granted on version 1.1 of a release...then 1.1 - 1.99.99 will be licensed. As soon as the second primary version( 2.00.00) is released, it will need to be re-evaluated by the QC team before being licensed as FINAL.


A: Yes we most certainly do... the FTP Server, along with all other Servers other than WWW reside on the OCNET Main Network Hub, which can be accessed from this DNS/HOST: ocnet-networks.net (http-irc-ftp). The FTP Server idles on port 13941. The Username is OCNET and the Password is OCNET also. At this time the OCNET Network hub also houses other svcs temporarily for development purposes, this usually isn't the case... WWW servers are almost always separate from the OCNET Main Network. When the OCNET/OCTP Website is complete, the site will be housed entirely separate, maintaining this domain: (ocnet-networks.net). However our outsourced server will most definitely be TOP-NOTCH. We settle for nothing better than 0-second access, OC-xx level bandwidth is bare minimum. Maximum Bandwidth & throughput will be achieved, this is assured by Mr. Boyd (OC) Himself. Advanced Website functionality is expected to be fully complete, and the new domain services available within 4-6 months (approx May-June). Note The OCNET FTP Services can also be accessed from the Alternate FTP Daemon, using the following URL -



A: OCTP has an EXTREMELY rigorous selection process for selecting acting project programmers, or permanent staff... But if you think you are up to par, please use the contact form to contact Chris, include ALL your computing skills as well as a general overview of what you believe you can offer us.


A: Currently OCTP is releasing freeware, and professional direct-to-public releases for our most popular and core software suites/packages, Since mostly in the past OCNET was involved primarily in entirely custom proprietary (privately developed) software packages for clients; to bring a name to itself... OCNET will be offering a great deal of freeware initially, And once the software becomes marketable... all our staff will be paid. However at this time membership is entirely voluntary. However we must first grow, and working on our team allows the tremendous prospect for developing truly remarkable software in many technical areas such as algorithm analysis, cryptography, network administration, database MGMT, etc... And Of course OCTP also does freelance work as well, and while most if not all of this work is handled by the Lead Programmer/Owner, if you are leased out to a client... you will be paid accordingly.


                                     A: Office hours are 9am to 6pm and our phone number(s) are:                                                 


Christopher D. Boyd          PHONE 1:              PHONE 2:            FAX/DIGITAL/MMAPI:

                                     (631) 860-1045               (631)647-7501      (631)647-7502     DataServer_Fax@ocnet-networks.net



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