Latest Releases:


GRDB DataBase® - Version 1.4.80

      -Several New accessability Features Added

         -New Administrative Access Added

         -Additional "Marklord" methods for winXP added

         -WinXP "Xvoice.dll" method unkown bug fixed

         -Patch added for A/V compatability (Norton, MacCafee, Dr. PC, etc.

         -News updates feature updated and clarified webPOST routine

         -Audioguide feature added, desription reader for visually impared

         -version 1.4.90 architecture in design phase

         -Setup installation software redesigned & redefined

         -installation package rehashed for better XP compatability

         -Next major version will be fully vista compatible

         -Remote Admin passkey System Developed, Extremely Secure, HDEC & SCBII

         -New GUI & SKIN layers & palletes added

         -Check onboard NEWS dialog for complete update on features

(NEW)-Help systems completed, over 90 pages of fully illustrated dialoge & information

(NEW)-bugs fixed for windows 2003 server compatability with all servers uncluding RAS.

(NEW)-Includes data libraries for voice instructional text 2 speech engine.

(NEW)-increased virtual buffer size for message digest & memo/announcements

(NEW)-Server Announcement &or welcome feature added

(NEW)-Fixed multi-OS compatability issues

(NEW)-documentation & NEWS updates

(NEW)-Super-Stealth server now included with GRDB Bundle (READ DISCLAIMERS & TERMS OF USE)

(NEW)-Tooltips added for common access features, instructionals for use of GRDB

(NEW)-new versions of all API's, to include common algorithm updates

(NEW)-HDEC modified for variant use (changes subclassed string method applicable use in Win32)

(NEW)-SCB2 Push/Add Security libraries loop encrypted & protected upon install - tamper proof

(NEW)-Admin password no longer stored on client machines, must connect to server and 'admin up'

(NEW)-Server Machine will store admin pass locally and use as initial logon. Admins supercede users

(NEW)-New versions of MS runtimes included with 1.4.xx, including new 'kernell32.dll' & Xvoice.dll"

                                                                                  Download Here (zipped installation)

                                                              Download Here (*.ISO disk image)



Pocket Encrypt® - Version 2.5

         -Added FlipFlop Routine to combat Physical overflow

         -Completely written in X86 (M5 Stepping)

         -Great for use with any IM Service

         -Additionally Great to use alongside GRDB for even MORE security

         -Wonderfull Tool to protect transported data.

         -New UniKey Design Architecture eliminated 'KEYFLAW' Vulnerability

                                                                 Download Here



OCNET Managed Speech Synthesis Engine Version 1.2.0

         -Completely reliant on TRULAN API in latest version(s)

         -Eliminated Stack Overflow, Unbuffered Shell integration

         -100% Intrusion Prevention. Extremely Stable

         -Custom Sinisodial waveform algorithm analyzer

         -Voted #1 by UAIC Great Freelance Ideas & Projects

          -Reads/Writes/Interprets/Hashes Speech Synthesis markup language

          -Create custom speech enginges including accents, gender, pitch axis, rate of speech, etc...

          -Export sythesized speech to *.wav or *.xml (SML) file(s).

         -Incorporate API into host/server, call API using PHP subroutine-function

                                                                  Download Here



GRDB Utilities Bundle/Toolkit - Version 1.48.XX

      -Currently all versions of the GRDB bundle include the basic toolkit

         -Travel Edition includes laptop and WiFi specific utilities.

         -Several Usefull tools and utilities which when in final versions...

         ...will be released with the GRDB Bundle.

          -inludes latest full GRDB bundle, API's, Docs, & all OCNET/OCTP architectures

         -Many usefull items such as a GRDB MiniBrowser are included

         -GRDB Network Diagnostic tools and GR Network Balancer®

         -Utility for determining how many hosts, vHosts, qHosts, and Clients...

         ... are residing on your GRDB Network path. Uses POP &  Node tunneling.

         -Proxy for using Administrator account to write cfg data remotely for client machines

         -Geared towards the GRDB Network Administrator, great for large corporate LANs.

                                                                    Download Here



4096 bit HDEC Encryption Secure


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