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(12/01/15) Contracting & Consulting available: 3D-Solid Modeling, CNC Programming/Engineering & Methodization. CAD/CAM Complete Turn-Key packages including presentations, simulations, metallurgical studdy, ANSI/ISO std BP/DWG and fully photorealistic rendered part and assembly mockups, simulations and color Engineering DWG's/IP's. Advanced 5-axis compound geometries, Multi-Path M&S 5+4 Mill/Turn Centers, 5-axis Pivot Gimbal & trunion type programming (Polar Milling, Loft Chaining, Compound Surfacing/Penciling, etc...). Creation of models and CAD/CAM methods of any paradigm and complexity is our specialty. View some of the example images, pictures, and videos on the Engineering Consulting Page or the Solid Modeling, CAD/CAM page (Link above) to browse some of the projects OCNET has been involved with in the past. OCNET Has Changed it's scope to focus on offering the most advanced turn-key engineering capability in the MFG Engineering, Applications Engineering, CNC Programming & Methodization fields. The Project can be negotiated to any means, even with the end result TPATH/POST geometry and chained model solids & CAM sequences to allow future modification by the customer themselves if desired. Software Platforms used: SolidWorks 12 x64, MasterCAM X9 x64, CATIA v6 R20, DelCAM PartMaker: SwissCAM, GibbsCAM v15.1, AutoCAD AutoDesk, DelCAM PowerSHAPE, SolidWorks Addons/Compliments for various engineering & Testing: SolidWorks Advanced Motion & Simulation for testing and evaluation of metallurgical and physiomechanical performance Key Charecteristics. (Evaluation & proposal of multiple part/assly configurations - software kinematic & stress Evaluation + real-time Sim w/data reports). OCNET can analyze and re-engineer Structurally static and/or dynamic features and components for best application Performance and efficiency. SolidWorks Flow Simulation: evaluate and test systems And parts/assemblies which incorporate dynamic fluid flow within (anything from Hydraulic, or pneumatic complex systems, or evaluation of electronic/electrical Components such as internal bays with PCB's or daughter boards containing CPU's, ASICs, EEPROMS, PLC hosts, etc... And use flow sim to apply environmental conditions And thermal coefficients to test heat-sink geometry or optimum vent/duct/fan/inlet Locations for most efficient heat evacuation. Real time thermodynamic flow animation representing dynamic thermal/enthalpic anisotropies and showing flow path including all turbulent wake vortices allow the optimum design to be deployed INITIALLY, thereby saving significant time and expense with trial and error prototyping and active Testing. Ability to apply environment factors and coefficients beyond the scope of standard SI temperature and pressure (such as gravity, and alternate P/V CoEffecients) yields results of the highest accuracy. Let us handle all your Turn-Key and application engineering needs.

(7/06) Now offering computer repair, Spy-ware removal, PC cleaning, Virus/Trojan/Malware/ad-ware removal. Tired of your computer running slowly? Allow the technicians at OCNET clean up your pc and return it to you running like the day you purchased it, in nearly 100% of the time retaining all the original applications, without modifying or deleting any installed software. Just drop your PC off at our location, or in many cases we can pick it up from you and for an unbeatable price (Guaranteed lower cost than those other "big" companies offering pc repair and spy-ware cleanup) we will run our diagnostic checks on all software (operating system, application layer, registry, physical disk space allocations, & drivers) and hardware, and notify you within 24 hours of the nature and extent of your pc's complications. Already know the problem? Then we can offer a quote immediately on the phone directly to you. To speak to a representative or schedule a repair or cleaning call Chris at OCNET 

PC Repair/Cleaning/spy-ware/refurbish: Chris (CSA & President) available at (631) 647-7502.










               -OCTP is Optical Carriers Technical Programming

               -OCTP collaborates as a developing unit on all projects

               -OCTP is under the OCNET blanket, therefore has access to all of the OCNET

               -OCTP is also lead by Christopher D. Boyd (OC) - CEO, President, & Lead Pgmr.


-OCTP has developers proficient in ALL the most popular platforms and languages. We specialize in writing superior high and low level programming in state of the art machine-level translations and at the binary-architectural level.


-OCTP's president and Lead Programmer 'Christopher D. Boyd' (OC) is lead developer, application architect, programmer, and designer in ALL OCTP Software

                -OCTP still retains itself as a 'code for hire' company even while still marketing

                 major public-oriented software applications like GRDB.

                *OCTP can develop custom-tailored applications for your business' needs.

                -OCTP is constantly working on it's popular software titles to assure the

                 compatibility, operability, and overall "bug-free" performance with every

                 release and revision.

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  As of JAN 12th 2013 OCNET has added an additional 12Gbps Carrier to it's Backbone. Tests of the new carrier show a 33.025% increase in bandwidth (wide) and latency drop of 13:1. This effectively allows greater service to be presented to our patrons. The OCNET Main Network Hub effectively implements this new pipe on full share. Our bandwidth is never segmented or throttled, all sockets map to the entire data stream. Use our FTP Server for speed testing if desired.



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