Network     -points to Main Network IP                               -points to Alt Server 2 IP            -points to Main Website IP (Domain Controller)


-SubDomains: :  WWW sub domain - points to webpage :  Brings up default octp page. :  used for FTP access, points to FTP svr : used for mail exchange and mail svr :  used as Global IRC Server (OCNET)




                                                                                   (For Main Network/FTP Host & Daemon)

                                               or (For uploading betatest-reports)

                                                   or (For Main Network/FTP server #2 dir)


IP Address Lookup
IP Address



:1394 - GRDB Communication port (Used within the GRDB Program, called by TRULAN

API, initiated by shadow construct of winsock within TRULAN Layer. Sometimes may be

blocked by Routers, NATs, and/or FireWalls (both hardware & software)


:13944 - OCNET FTP Daemon Port (OCNET doesn't always invoke 21 as it's FTP port, This is to

halt intrustions, prevent any UDP-SMB scanning, uSNMP hashing, crawling, or pinging by any form of

ICMP daemons, IDENTs-SOCKS4/5, commerical websites, Search Engines or Meta's/Spiders, or ISP's.


:80 - Default WWW/WebServer & html page services transport & connection port      (nonSSL)


:8080 - Same as above, however used entirely for secure socket connections, including

Active X Secure ASP, Encrypted Data homes, SQL and SSL post returns, dialogs & forms.

Active Login scripts, HTTP(s) is usually present in the URL string in the protocall prefix.


 (Now Avail.)


                   * As you can see...these DNS's are the same as the Main Network hub DNS's... This is

entirely because all or most of the OCNET servers are idling off the Main OCNET Network.

The only Service that is currently not running off the OCNET Main Network machines is the

OCNET website during active construction & testing. The future OCNET Domain/WWW will run off the OCNET Network.


The following Servers & Daemons will always reside on the OCNET Main Network:



GRDB Test Server for Beta-Testers

GRDB Live Updates


OCNET WWW (not yet avail. Only once Domain is active, will s

erver RESIDE internally on OCNET Main Net.)








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Therefore these DNS's can access all the OCNET Services (FTP, IRC, Test GRDB db, etc..)